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Actionable Data

Valuable insights to boost your business

We are a Data Science consulting agency in Shanghai.

We turn your company data into valuable insights.

Our approach

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Be data driven and look at the data to drive your decisions. To do so, you must start by defining good questions to build products with measurability in mind. Research design helps us frame the context and the challenges to achieve your goals.

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Take Control

Get your data ready to be processed with the state of the art technologies. Cloud computing provides security and scalability without the upfront costs of a traditional hosted server.

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Take your data to the next level with smart machine learning algorithms. While leveraging those powerful tools, we keep the business needs as our primary goal. Insights without business focus are not worth your investment.

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Correlation does not imply causation! The latest advance in machine learning has brought tremendous value for businesses but only correlation can be drawn with those techniques. Validate your finding with scientific experimentations that help drive your business smarter.

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A good data visualization is all about telling a story. It involves not only understanding the data itself, but why it is important for the business. Leveraging the latest technology to produce actionable insights requires a deeper understanding of why the story is important to the user and what questions and exploration the user may want to do as a result of their initial insights.

Featured Project: Detecting fake fans on Chinese Social Media Platform

Bring transparency to online communities

Robin8 is an innovative social media platform connecting brands to social network KOLs. Leveraging big data and machine learning algorithm, we develop a new engine to identify fake Weibo accounts. In an age where a KOL’s fans number translates into a monetizeable ressource, a fake account detector is bringing more transparency to Robin8's platform.

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Featured Project: Guitar Teaching App

Learn how to play guitar anywhere

Leveraging sound signal processing and deep learning neural networks, we build an app that captures sound played on a guitar and provides live feedback to the player. No special hardware needed, anyone can learn guitar by playing their favorite songs.

Featured Project: Job Fiction

A new way to find your ideal job

Typical job search tools allow you to search on keywords, but keywords like analyst or data do not bring back the jobs you are really looking for. And your perfect job may have a title different than anything you would have considered. Most job search tools are also not flexible to what you want – every job seeker is looking for something a bit different. Jobfiction is a new revolutionary job search engine that will help you to find the job of your dream.

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Stéphane Truong

Stéphane is a consultant in Data Science working for various companies in Shanghai, China. He holds a Master degree in Data Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He has many years of experience in analytics leveraging machine learning at scale and communicating actionable results to the leadership.